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List your preferred or should we say expected to-dos; encompassing areas including culture, dining, entertainment and nightlife, shopping and recreation — and Kitchener would not disappoint you. Whether you are young, old, middle-aged; the awesome, friendly city offers something to everyone; while retaining the aura and vibes of a small-town that will make your stay welcoming!

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The Downtown Kitchener is the home and arts scene. The performing arts theatre enthusiasts would find the place amazing. The city’s calendar is full of festivities and events offering visitors an amazing experience to access a range of activities and cultural events, besides understanding the diversity of the city’s community.

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There are a range of parks, recreation centers, trails and natural areas for you to hike, bike or just stroll through the lush greenery or nature batching. For people in love with water, there are again so many interesting things to do, including fishing, kayaking, canoeing.

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Sports fans can head to The Aud which is the home Kitchener Rangers – Junior A hockey club, as well as the Kitchener Panthers baseball club. Explore the city’s German culture at Oktoberfest. Kitchener Market is a great to pass some valuable time on Saturday!

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