Meet Travel Partners on App in Tokyo - Japan, JournAlong App

Travel companion app Tokyo:

Although our planet is huge with billions of people dwelling on it, you may find it narrow when it comes to identifying like minded travel companions. Every individual has a bunch of friends out of whom; it is difficult to find a person who is willing to visit the same place you want to visit. That’s when the travel companion app fits the bill perfectly to help you identify a person with common travel interests.

If the app has to be used in Tokyo-the island nation with sheer opulence in never ending skyscrapers at one hand and traditional shrines draping you in the spiritual aura at the other, the blue prints of the city, the order of visiting places, the important sights, the best time to visit those places and many other information is on your finger tips.

Experience the USP of Tokyo:

One can only find the memorials on the affect of nuclear weapons that devastated Japan in the Second World War and it is definitely hard to believe whether it is the same nation with reigning skyscrapers and luxurious land marks everywhere. Replicating the Disneyland in the USA, Tokyo’s Disneyland is undisputedly the reverent tourist attractions in the entire Asian continent. The Sky tree with an enigmatic poise, the sea inspired Disney theme park, the Tokyo tower with the observation deck, Shinjuku-one of the tallest condominiums with shopping malls, bars, exotic food courts and clubs depicting the hustle and bustle of the city are some of the miniature versions of what the city is!

Find an international or intercontinental companion for travelling:

Do not confine your limits as an enthusiastic traveler and find the perfect soul mate when it comes to travelling with the help of Journalong app. Enjoy the unlimited local activities while exploring the new acquaintances. Take a ride in the bullet trains of the island nations to experience the enthralling pace, have a ru-be-ru with the Sumo wrestlers, treat your taste buds with mouth watering Japanese foods, go for a Cruise ride and what not? You will be sure to visit the place all over again!!