Find Travel Companion on App in Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Dubai, UAE

1. Find Travel Companion in Dubai on JournAlong App & Website

JournAlong-Dubai is a travel-matching app that is a great way to meet friends and connect with locals and internationals while traveling. Locals and travelers can connect with one another in Dubai as a way to meet new people, find a travel companion for various recreational activities, and create unique memories. Featuring the option to engage based on similar interests, travelers can search for individuals and other travelers or locals to aid as companions for shopping, sight-seeing, food-tasting, group excursions, photography sessions, online games, social media photo uploads, and more. Whether you are a solo traveler, travelling with friends, or on a family vacation, JournAlong will help you connected with like-minded travelers for an enhanced experience on any trip.

2. Match with Local Travel Friends in Dubai – learn the local culture

Travelers of all ages will have the chance to explore Dubai’s many attractions catering to young travelers, families, children, couples, and backpackers alike. Dubai is home to many museums and cultural centers which receive over a thousand visitors daily. JournAlong matches interested in culture can schedule a morning or afternoon trip to the Dubai Museum, built in 1787, which is home to antiques, artifacts, and the famous Al Fahidi Fort pertinent to ancient times with some dating well over 3000 BC. Dubai Heritage and Diving Villages feature various Heritage Sites such as: Diving Village, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House, Majlis Ghorfat Umm Al Sheif, Jumaa and Obaid Bin Thani House, Heritage Village, Hatta Heritage Village, Heritage House, Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, and Al Ahmadiya School. One of the heritage sites, Diving Village, allows visitors to get acquainted with maritime professions of fishermen, local craftsmen and artisans, and introduction to pearl diving and its role in Dubai’s markets. In addition, the Etihad Museum features artifacts and rare items relevant to the social, cultural, military, and political sphere of ancient UAE. Visitors can find old passports, stamps, antique jewelry, and other preserved items that reveal the culture of the Emirates.

3. Connect with Foodies in Dubai – learn local food & attractions of Dubai

Dubai has numerous local attractions perfect for exploring with travel matches on JournAlong. For those who love scenic views and sightseeing, the Burj Khalifa, a 160 story skyscraper and observation deck, is a must-see for any visitor passing through Dubai. It offers an ideal vantage point for taking photos and a spectacular view of the city. The Dubai Mall and Emirates Towers are a great place to meet up with JournAlong matches and enjoy the afternoon trying out various cuisines and touring hotels. Jumeirah beach is the perfect way to top off an amazing day and lounge in the turquoise waters that the Gulf States are known for. A leisurely day on the beach is a great pastime for family and friend meetups, where travelers can take advantage of the water activities or simply enjoy a nice day out.

4. Have family fun, connect with other families to travel to Dubai

Meeting other families on family vacations is a great way to pass the time and maximize vacation fun. Dubai has many family-friendly attractions including Aquaventure Waterpark, Dolphin Bay, Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo (family attraction), and Dubai zoo where parents and children can enjoy swimming with dolphins, enjoying family activities at the waterpark, and getting to know over 230 animal species at the zoo. In addition, families have the option to connect with local families in Dubai to experience the city from a local’s point of view and gain insight into local culture and activities. Whatever your needs and plans are, JournAlong will help families match with one another to plan day-trips and outings, to ensure a fun-filled experience for all.

5. Socialize & Enjoy Local Music in Dubai

Dubai has a lively night life filled with bars, clubs, & local music. Socializing and listening to local bands at bars and clubs can be much more fun with other travel mates. Use JournAlong to meet up with locals and venture into more traditional music. Whether you prefer modern or traditional music, locals and travelers alike are available to connect with on JournAlong for both a cultural and contemporary music experience.

6. Watch Films with your matches in Dubai

Are you a film enthusiast or desire something beyond Netflix and chill? Check out Dubai’s Cinestar Cinema Complex located in Emirates Mall in Dubai for a steller theater experience. Meet up with travel mates on JournAlong for a movie night at one of the most famous malls in the world.

7. Photography & Outdoor Fun on Travel Match App JournAlong

JournAlong is a great platform for Photography lovers to meet up and spend an afternoon taking great shots in scenic areas of Dubai. The city offers modern architectural buildings and beautiful beaches perfect for photo lovers and enthusiasts. Photographers can take photos together, upload on social media and JournAlong profiles, and meet up with locals to find scenic spots located outside of the city and touristic eye. Explore Deira Clock Tower and enjoy the scenic view, or enjoy the beautiful hotel and private beach at Madina Jumeirah. Meet up with young locals and explore hiking trails and nature areas not advertised on TripAdvisor, and get unique travel photos, and local connections, that you will treasure for years to come.

8. Find shopping deals by connecting with locals on JournAlong App in Dubai

Dubai is known for its strip malls and luxurious shopping areas. Meet families, travelers, and locals for an incredible shopping experience that Dubai has to offer. Explore the Dubai Mall, one of the largest in the world, and the 1,200 stores and Downtown complex, visited by over 50 million visitors each year. Join JournAlong to match up with locals for a hassle-free shopping experience and advice on the best stores and local favorites. If you love clothing and textiles, visit the Textile Souk where you can find exquisite hand-made patterns, scarves, and clothing material that is more traditional. In addition, the enormous Mall of the Emirates and watch movies at their Cinestar cinema complex and play arcade games with JournAlong matches. The Mall also features an indoor Ski Resort where you and your travel mates can spend the day on the slopes for a cooler alternative to a hot day.