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JournAlong Cairo, Egypt

Travel Companion Finder Website & App in Cair0, Egypt

JournAlong, a Travel Companion Finder Website & App that connects locals and travelers based on similarities, is the best app to liven up a backpacking trip or family vacation. Its platform provides a way to socialize, connect, and engage in a cross-cultural exchange with people visiting and living in various cities across the world including Cairo, Egypt. Travelers get the opportunity to find travel companions to accompany on day-trips, group tours, hiking excursions, family activities, and more. Connecting on JournAlong is the best way to get acquainted with other backpackers, students, families, and locals in Egypt based on similar interests and travel plans such as photography, hiking, food-exploring, shopping, and everything in between. Travel matches can engage with one another through JournAlong’s gaming features and uploading photos.

Travel Mate Matching App to Learn Culture of Cairo

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is a city rich with culture and ancient history dating all the way back to 2000 BC. Some of the many attractions in and outside of Cairo include the Giza pyramid complex and archeological site featuring the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx. For travelers interesting in archeology, the Egyptian museum has an extensive collection of artifacts over 5000 years old, where Egyptian antiques are preserved including the treasures of Tutankhamun. Other sites include Abdeen Palace is home to silver antique items and royal artifacts, as well as paintings and ornate decorations, many of them clocks, decorated with pure gold.

Connect with Cairo Locals on JournApp App to learn about local food & attractions of Cairo

Do you consider yourself a foodie? Are you visiting Cairo as a gastronomic tourist? Explore delicious local Egyptian street food and fine dining with JournAlong travel mates. JournAlong can be utilized to schedule meetups and find similar ‘foodies’ to explore the local cuisine with. Whether you find yourself craving certain types of food, or would like to join a group of friends for a nice lunch or dinner and try out what the city has to offer, JournAlong is the ideal platform for food and friends. For a venue overlooking the Nile River, grab friends and check out Left Bank restaurant, or for traditional Egyptian food meander down to Zöoba, a cozy sit-down environment perfect for groups. Whatever your choice, JournAlong will match you with other travelers who want to join you on your next foodie adventure.

Have family fun, connect with other families to travel to Cairo

Travelling with family is one of the best ways to bond and gain insight into Egyptian culture and food. JournAlong provides a platform for travelling families to connect with one another as well as local families, in order to plan out day trips, allow kids to meet new friends, and socialize with different types of people in a safe family-friendly setting. Perfect for families with children, JournAlong allows families to message one another and set up meeting times for exploring the city and finding companions for group family activities such as Amusement Park Porto Cairo and CairoLand Water Park.

Meet with other Music Lovers in Cairo – Socialize & Enjoy Local Music in Cairo

Meet travel mates on JournAlong who love listening to music. Cairo’s underground music scene is lit at ROOM Art Space & Café, a cozy environment where they feature bands playing anywhere from 90’s covers to traditional Egyptian classics. For an outdoor venue, visit Yellow Umberella, a rooftop bar playing with Maadi and acoustic melodies under the stars. Cairo Jazz Club in Agouza is the place to go if you and your travel mates are looking for a more upscale experience and fancy night out. Last but not least, visit the Cairo Opera House for amazing live operatic music and a wonderful show—an experience you will not regret. Whichever venues you choose, socializing with local and international travel companions will enhance your trip abroad, and is a great opportunity for meeting fellow music lovers for a memorable time.

Watch Films with your Cairo Travel Companions

Interested in art and film? Watch movies with travel mates in Cairo! Whether you are in the mood for classic Egyptian films, new releases, Bollywood, or International, Cairo cinemas have got it all. Visit Zamalek Cinema and Renaissance Cinema with JournAlong companions, as a way to meet fellow movie lovers and film junkies. Other popular options include the Porto Cairo Mall cinema or Point 90 cinema where you and your mates can shop and grab food before and after the movie.

Photography & Outdoor Fun on Travel Match App Cairo

Find photography enthusiasts on JournAlong and embark on a photography-themed day trip with fellow travel mates. There is an overload of beautiful scenic views in Cairo, namely the Cairo Tower, Hanging Church, Gezira Island, Al Azhar Park, and Nile boats—every photographer’s dream. Meet like-minded travelers while snapping away picture-perfect photos and enjoying the vibrant scenery and architecture.

Find shopping deals by connecting with locals on JournAlong App in Cairo

Excited at the prospect of shopping in Cairo, but feeling a bit overwhelmed at where to start? JournAlong helps travelers connect with locals, offering many benefits that include making the shopping process. A local knows the city better than anyone, and while making friends they can help ease the communication process between vendors and buyers through translation, navigate the city, ensure that the vendor charges a fair price, and the opportunity to connect to make the most of your experience in Cairo. One must be sure to visit the Khan el Kahlili baazar that sells jewelry, spices, leather goods, cosmetics, perfume, and clothing. Other markets include Souq Al Goma’a (Friday’s Market) which sells groceries and meat as well, and Zamalek market where you can find handmade Egyptian jewelry and crafts. Popular souvenir and household items include jewelry, hand-woven scarves, shisha pipes, and other antique and hand-crafted items.