A no-fuss journal for your Dropbox.

A plain text journal that you can write to from anywhere!

Your journal entry, your way

Everyone likes their own style of journaling. That's why we allow you to change your journal entry to the way you want it. Use the current time to mark your journal entries or what about just the part of the day? Whatever way you want your journal entry to look is down to you.

Journal entries
Mini journals

Mini journals for side projects

Not everything belongs in your journal. Working on a new side project for some passive income? Log these in their own mini journal. This keeps your journal free for your own personal thoughts but allows you to log important information about other things in your life.

Custom journal prompts

Sometimes we all need a push to get started. What better way than to use the journal prompts that to get you journaling. And the best part? You can change your journal prompts with just access to your Dropbox!

Journal prompts
Markdown based

Markdown based journals

Plain text needn't be boring, which is why your journal uses Markdown formatting to make it more interactive when used with a Markdown editor. You can create lists, quotes and even hyperlinks. It's not hard and it's just text!