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Meet with like minded people while traveling


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Travel Friend Finder App – JournAlong

Make your next trip a journey to remember with the latest Travel Companion App, JournAlong. JournAlong let’s you connect with travelers going to similar destinations, with similar interests, message them, socialize by uploading pictures, and play cool online games with them. Now, you can make your trips more memorable by meeting cool locals that will tip you on food that will tantalize your taste buds, sight-seeing tours that will change the way you look at the world, and art and music festivals, and best of all– travel companions who share similar interests from all over the globe. Enrich your travel experience by joining JournAlong, an app that lets you meet new people and plan out activities and meet-ups during your travels. By providing a platform to engage with other travels, app-users can have the perks of seeing new places, meeting people, playing app games, and uploading pictures on storyline, all in one package. Whether you’re planning a summer Euro trip, exploring scenic South East Asia, a weekend getaway in New York, or exploring the Land Down Under, join JournAlong to meet other locals and travelers for a unique cultural experience you’ll always remember.

Match with Local Travel Friends– learn the local culture and travel

Are you fascinated with different cultures and excited to travel? With JournAlong, the world is your oyster. Embarking on a journey is an adventurous opportunity to explore historical and modern cities, pick up a few phrases in the local language, as well as get acquainted with new people. Get the most out of your trip by meeting interesting travel mates to want to share these memorable experiences with you. Travelers in the same area have the chance to engage with one another by playing various online games unique to the JournAlong app, uploading travel pictures, and sharing travel recommendations and resources. From backpacking trips to navigating big cities and iconic sites, JournAlong provides you the platform to connect with awesome people who enjoy hiking, visiting National Parks, exploring archeological sites, trying out local cuisines, and much more.

Matching with other travelers is the prominent feature of the app. Perfect for those who are in search of other travelers and locals to hang out with during their free time, JournAlong lets you connect with people at your convenience without the pressure of establishing long-term commitment plans. JournAlong is the ultimate platform with which to connect to as many people as you’d like during your trip for the most fun-filled experience. JournAlong helps provide a solution regarding the dilemma of boredom and lack of travel resources during a trip, with the added excitement of befriending someone who not only will engage in similar activities with you, but may potentially lead to a long-lasting friendship. By bringing together travelers who are like-minded in their travel interests, JournAlong helps ease travel anxiety and promote socialization and cross-cultural connections across international barriers.

Create Memories with amazing Travel Buddies you match on JournAlong

Have you ever found yourself wishing to see a city through the eyes of the locals living there? Have you ever explored a city only to be disappointed in the limited number of tourist attractions, wishing for a deeper cross-cultural experience but didn’t know where to begin? JournAlong not only matches you with people based on common interests and travel destinations, but also allows you the opportunity to make friends with local residents who often love to show foreigners the essence and beauty of their homeland, introduce you to traditions, ethnic culture, amazing food, and take you to see places your heart could only dream of.

JournAlong is the perfect travel-matching app to connect with artists, musicians, volunteers, students, professionals, photographers, and different kinds of people from all ages, backgrounds, and countries who share your interests and hobbies. Visit local pubs in Ireland and UK, plan a day trip to the Dead Sea and springs of Ein Gedi, camp overnight in a picturesque French village near lavender fields, participate in fruit harvesting in the luscious orchards of Armenia, check out Havana Cuba’s Old City and heritage, fly in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey, swim in diamond clear beaches in Malibu, CA, and so much more with travelers who’ve dreamed of doing the same. Locals have the added advantage of showing you places that TripAdvisor would not be aware of i.e. the hidden gems of each city and country. With JournAlong, you’ll be in good hands as you explore different cultures and experience the hospitality of each new place you visit. Your experience will be greatly enriched as you connect with people who’ve journeyed to the same destination as you, and you’ll have enjoyed every backpacker’s dream. The opportunities and memories are endless with JournAlong.

Match with Foodies on JournAlong – have fun eating with people that enjoy food

Love exploring new places and exploring local cuisines? Looking for the ideal person or people to try new activities with? JournAlong connects with foodies, adventure lovers, thrill seekers, backpackers, students, families, and travelers from all walks of life, all interested in making their traveling experience a unique and memorable one. JournAlong helps you find the best hotspots, discover local “hidden” gems, plan activities, and coordinate site-visits to large cities, small villages, beautiful country sides, luxurious beaches, natural reserves, and everything in between. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group of friends, every day is a new opportunity to get to know the host country better. Experience the best of what each country has to offer, with amazing people to accompany you on various trips and activities, upload pictures, play games, and engage in a cultural exchange, and you’ll never be bored while travelling again.

Find Travel Companions Anywhere in the World

Every travel experience can be a meaningful one with the right people. No matter where your interests and hobbies lay, JournAlong is the ideal app to use whenever you find yourself excited over the prospect of visiting a particular place or engaging in a new activity, yet unable to find people to share it with. JournAlong provides the platform to help you get connected with people who are not only ready to join you in your next adventure, but who are also interested in similar hobbies, music, food, and a base from which to establish a potential friendship.

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