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Travel Companion App in Ottawa- Journ Along App

How wonderful would it be to find a travel partner, who shares preferences and expectations like yours, and accompany you on your journey to an entirely new city? Journ Along’s travel app helps you choose a travel mate based on the defined preferences you set. We curate information based on your interests to find you a host of suggestions regarding your travel matches you can choose.

Things to do in Ottawa for Travel Matches

Whether you are in the mood to be an active traveler, looking to add a little intellect to your life- or simply up for some family fun, you will find Ottawa has plenty to see and do year-round. The Parliament Building is a spectacular work of architecture, in the glory of Victorian Gothic sandstone.

The 200-km long Rideau Canal is an active waterway, recreational area for skating and festivals. Canadian Tulip festival is a must-attend fest for tourists who love nature. The lower town is famous for shoppers. Other attractions in the city include the famous Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum, Canadian Museum of Nature, RCMP Musical Ride Centre, National Archives of Canada besides many other attractions.

Find your Travel Buddies/Travel with Friends in Ottawa with Journ Along

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