An evening in San Francisco

Promising a wildest and the most exhilarating nightlife experience to you, an evening in San Francisco is full of excitement and entertainment. From going to a club to attending a theatre play and from relishing on some great fine dine to taking a glittering night walk; the city has its own charm in dark.

With such a happening nightlife and so many night-out options, here we are giving you few suggestions that can help you make your evening a fantastic one in San Francisco.

  • Take a walk to Bay Bridge

You cannot miss a walk to bay bridge when you are in San Francisco. Known to be a golden gate bridge of the city, it gives some great and beautiful sights of the city. Where in day time it is considered as a utilitarian facility, in night and dark the beautiful and sparkling LED lights make it no less than any amusing sculpture.

  • Visit the late night clubs and bars

From the happening and trendiest clubs to relaxed cheerful; you can hunt for almost every kind of atmosphere in the late night clubs and bars of San Francisco. Opt for a lounge for your casual outing with family or go out in some romantic night club with love of your life; the city holds something special for everyone.

  • Go on a Alcatraz cruise

You might have gone on a cruise before also but nothing can beat the ultimate experience of enjoying a cruise in late night. Explore some behind-the-scenes magic of late night and adore some special programs and activities to bring the best out of this late night cruise.

  • Don’t miss the late night charm of Pier 7 and City Skyline

Situated at the waterfront of San Francisco in between Washington Street and Broadway, a late night evening walk at Pier 7 gives a beautiful city light view. Being the fourth most populated city of the California, the city gives an amazing and dazzling city skyline view of the city. This, is yet another interesting thing that you can do while enjoying an evening in San Francisco.