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Hamilton – Always a dynamic, authentic destination for a new or a returned traveler

Hamilton offers a never-ending, surprising and meaningful list of things to see and do for new or returned traveler, no matter what the season, or whether you are young, mid-aged or aged.

Things to do in Hamilton for Travel Matches

It’s a city with thriving arts, grass-roots galleries and century-old, and iconic institutions. It’s a vibrant city populated with happy, jovial folks – that unfolds in surprising ways, from its wonderful natural beauty to a memorable food scene.

The Bruce Trail – which runs for around 900 km along the edge of the famous Niagara Escarpment, it remains popular among hard-time travelers. Even wondered why Hamilton is often nicknamed ‘The City of Waterfalls’? Head to Spencer Gorge Conservation Area.

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For best falls viewing, you might want to choose spring and avoid the warmer months altogether since they often dry up during those times. Live the prestigious history and heritage of Canada’s military and aviation might, Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is the place to be at. Other attractions include Dundurn Castle, Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail, Royal Botanical Gardens, HMCS Haida.

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And then, you can visit the Canadian Football Hall of Fame & Museum, which stocks 30,000 different football related items dating back to the early 20th century.

Never miss the surprising experience the African Lion Safari offers. Over 1,000 exotic birds and animals from around the world await your footfall!