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Find Travel Friends in Tel Aviv, Israel – JournAlong App

JournAlong is a Travel Friend Finding app designed for travelers who like to socialize and engage in activities with other like-minded travelers during trips. JournAlong lets travelers and locals connect based on location, hobbies, travel plans, and promotes interaction through messaging and gaming features on the app. Whether you’re a solo traveler, backpacker, native, student, or on a family vacation, JournAlong will provide the opportunity to meet and hang out with new people in Tel Aviv.

Travel Companion Matching App to Learn Culture of Tel Aviv

Known as the finance and tech hub of Israel, Tel Aviv is a city of exquisite contrasts. On one hand, you can find Jaffa Port, in a city with a 3000 year old history, and on the other, modern buildings and sky rises akin to that of Los Angeles or San Francisco. Tel Aviv has many sights, but the highlight is the beach, a great place for JournAlong travel mates to meet and spend the day. Travel companions can enjoy the warm Mediterranean waters by day and pubs and restaurants in the evening. Jaffa Port is almost a world of its own, with centuries-old buildings and recreational zone along the fishing port featuring delicious food, a lively yet peaceful atmosphere, and sea-side views.

Educational and Cultural sites include the Eretz Israel Museum, Nahum Gutman Museum of Art, the Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot, Tel Aviv University, Yitzhak Rabin Center, Bialik House, and more. These feature historical artifacts, library, research center, art pieces, former homes, and more. Individuals who are interested in art, politics, and history, can connect on JournAlong and explore these areas together for a memorable and fun experience.

Connect with Tel Aviv Locals on App to learn about local food & attractions

Tel Aviv is a city famous for its high level of culinary diversity. Meeting travelers and locals on JournAlong can be a fun way to experience the restaurants scene in Tel Aviv. Dubbed as an unofficial food haven, Tel Aviv delights visitors with delicious Arabic and Israeli dishes, street food, international cuisine, kosher, and notable vegan restaurants. Our recommendation for Arabic food in Jaffa would be “the old man and the sea;” a place that gives unlimited salad refills. Vegan options are found far and wide, from cafes, to fine-dining establishments. JournAlong mates looking for a quality experience can visit Meshek Barzilay, a vegan/vegetarian restaurant known for organic ingredients and diversity of nutritious options. Other delicious food options include 26 Gourmet Burger, La Shuk, and The Old Man and the Sea, among many others. Whatever your taste and preference, Tel Aviv cuisine is guaranteed to keep you satisfied.

For desserts, Tel Aviv is trendy and traditional with mom & pop ice cream shops featuring ice cream that is hand-churned and crafted from a family recipe, to contemporary new flavors such as black ice cream.

Have family fun, connect with other families to travel to Tel Aviv

JournAlong is a great way for traveling families to connect with one another and local families for a memorable experience in Tel Aviv. By coordinating activities or scheduling an excursion, families can enjoy time together and build relationships based on family values and cultural immersion. There are a wealth of family activities to enjoy Luna Park and SuperLand Amusement Parks, with roller coasters, bungee jumping, and other park games. Not to mention, Gordon Beach and Jaffa Port are a great way to mingle and enjoy Tel Aviv summers.

Socialize & Enjoy Local Music in Tel Aviv

Socializing and listening to music in Tel Aviv can be made for enjoyable with other like-minded travelers or locals. Tel Aviv is an exciting city filled with pubs, bars, live music venues, and vibrant night life. Dizzy Frishdon, Shuffle Bar, Imperial Cocktail Bar, are just a few of the many venues in the area, rangy anywhere from cozy and casual to sophisticate.

Watch Films with your Tel Aviv Matches

Want to take a break from the city? Do you enjoy spending your evenings watching tv shows or movies? Head to Cinematheque or Rav Hen Dizengoff while traveling for a relaxing movie night with JournAlong friends to catch the latest films, be it Israeli, American, or other foreign films. Discussing movies with other film lovers is bound to be an exciting way to engage with other movie-goers in Israel and around the area and a wonderful opportunity to get to know the Tel Aviv film scene. Last but not least, be sure to not miss out on the events hosted by the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival for a raw and captivating experience.

Photography & Outdoor Fun on Travel Match App in Tel Aviv

Are taking scenic photos often a goal during travel tips? Want to meet other travelers who are passionate about photography? Join JournAlong to meet other photo-lovers and schedule times to explore every inch of the city looking for scenic views. Enjoy the day discovering new places and meeting like-minded travelers and locals as you take memorable photos. JournAlong can act as a platform to ask for photo location advice, look-out sites, and to connect with other photography enthusiasts in Tel Aviv for a hobby-related hangout.

Cool sights include the hiking path that is a part of the Israel National Trail, which connects various parts of the country, allowing hikers to see the diversity in mountains, beaches, deserts, oases, and other terrain/climate that is a part of Israel. Jaffa Clock Tower, Appolonia National Park, and high points overlooking the beaches in Tel Aviv are other scenic suggestions.

Find shopping deals by connecting with locals on JournAlong App in Tel Aviv

Do you consider yourself a window shopper, smart shopper, or a shopaholic? Whatever your attitude is towards shopping, Tel Aviv has many malls, shopping centers, fruit & vegetable markets, and souks to shop from. The vibrant city streets carry international brands, world-famous Dead Sea products, Israeli snacks (think Bamba and Bisli), and more.

Sarona Market is a well-known shopping center offering cafes, specialty food shops with plenty of food diversity, bookstores, boutiques, clothing stores, bakeries, and an ample seating area. Shoppers will enjoy their time trying out delicious appetizers, fresh fruit juice, frozen yogurt, and more at this venue. Jaffa’s Flea Market is another favorite among individuals reminiscing for a more traditional atmosphere consistent with bazaars from the olden days. Featuring a style that is a mix of ancient and contemporary, the Jaffa Flea Market has antiques, jewelry, furniture, toys, clothing, bars, live music, and an exciting market vibe. JournAlong travel mates will enjoy a day well spent rummaging through the cozy streets and exploring a historical area in a modern environment.