Find Travel Companion on App in Philippines - Manila

The world’s most densely populated city Manila stands out amongst the rest of the South East Asian alpha cities due to its Spanish colonial architecture which is hard to be seen in any Asian city. However, enigmatic sky scrapers with ultra modern amenities are fraternal to the ancient architecture. The bay side city seems to be perfectly blending the ancient and modern statures. Just like an insider, Journalong can take you through the streets of Manila being virtually available for you in the entire journey.

Explore the world famous monuments with your favorite travel app:

The bay side city boasts the most popular San Augustine church with its divine aura spreading in the widest of vicinity. Finding routes and locations are hassle free with Journalong, a key to finding a true traveler as your buddy. The historical monument Fort Santiago was once a citadel now converted to a museum embellished with the memorabilia of Dr. Rizal, the real hero of Philippines. Rizal shrine is within the citadel.

Museums showcase the rich heritage of Philippines:

Pinto art museum and National museum display the country’s avid heritage and culture acting as a souvenir to the finest of Philippines’ achievements as a nation. Many of the native people on the go to visit these locations extend their warm help in taking care of their international travel buddies and find such people through Journalong. As it was stated earlier, Manila is exclusive to its culture and food habits. It is a sin to leave Manila without tasting the country’s exotic food staples as it has its own flavor when it comes to food. Dine in the nicest of restaurants offering the typical local delicacies with the confident information available from the travel buddy. If you are a person who loves to visit out of the box places, Manila may best fit your bill.