Find Travel Companion on App in Jakarta - Indonesia

Love the weather of Jakarta and explore its vivid culture:

Jakarta is yet another place where a typical traveler need not look for popular visiting places around. The atmosphere of the island nation itself is so serene that this island nation does not fail to woo the travelers. Located in the north west of Java island, Jakarta formerly known as Djakarta serves as the main capital of the island nation Indonesia which is made up of multiple hundreds of islands to be called as a country.

Folk music is part of their culture and revel in it through Journalong:

Immerse in the musical notes of the traditional folk music Dangdut rhythmically reaching your ears despite the fact that it is sung in a different language which is Greek and Latin to you. You will invariably agree that words do not matter and it is only the sound which matters. The famous pop singers recite the hymns of these folk lyrics for the viewers to make them spell bound with their performances. Find the local resources who can guide you to this enthralling music bonanza.

Food staples are exclusive to this geography and boast typical flavors:

The superfast trains, flights, road transport and other mini transport vehicles help you in exploring the sea side cities of Indonesia. Considered as the melting pot of different cultures such as the Malay, Indian, Chinese, Arab etc, the city hosts different foods and cultures. Vivid display of colorful vegetables in the local vegetable a d fruit markets are attractive glimpses to watch and form the staple curries for the rice loving people of Indonesia. Coastal herbs and culinary spices form the base for aromatic foods of the city. Modern mosques, theme parks, beaches and resorts, golf clubs, aquariums holding huge marine creatures, shopping malls are the mostly visited sports in this place and be sure to make a plan to visit Jakarta all again for the baby moon or a vacation.