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Situated on the banks of river Hun, Fushun is a prefecture level city in the province of Liaoning in the Chinese region on the east of Shenyang. Equally rich in natural resources as well as modern constructions, Fushun is one of the most attractive tourist spots of Asia for its vivacious culture and back drop. Warm summers and cold winters are the two extreme weathers found at this place having their own fans attracting tourists throughout the year. Being situated on an alluvial plain makes this place all the more interesting.

China Manchu Folk Festival is generally held in July or August and tourists are actively involved by the local people in this phase. Deer antler and Chinese mushroom are extensively used and found food ingredients in this place. Hetuala city is the popular land marks and is the native residence of the Qing’s dynasty’s first emperor. With this historical connection, museums come into action with the city memorabilia and heritage to showcase. It can be considered as one of the most visited place in China. Grand ancestor worship ceremonies are conducted in this place every year.

Being an integral part of China, Funshun is quite independent and is serene unlike the routine hustle and bustle of China due to being an extremely populous country. Local gangs need to be contacted for sure through Journalong app to know the insights of the place to get the perfect concoction. The novel construction aesthetically increases the beauty of the city there by generating much revenue to the country. The concrete ambiences are sure to be captured in photography as it is one of the best locations for pictures. Revel in the spirits of the city dwellers to explore the world to the core.