Meet Travel Partners on App in Ankara - Turkey, JournAlong App

1. Travel Companion App Ankara

Find Travel Companion in Ankara on JournAlong App & Website JournAlong is a travel matching app designed to bring together travelers from all over the world. Perfect for backpackers, solo travelers, and families, and others, JournAlong generates travel matches based on similar interests in photography, food, culture, and travel interests for a particular day and area. JournAlong features messaging, gaming, and tools for uploading pictures as a way for travelers in a particular area to be able to connect with one another to socialize and connect in Ankara.

2. Travel Matching App to Learn Culture of Ankara

Ankara is Turkey’s cosmopolitan capital and culture hub, home to various centers for the performing arts. Located in the Anatolia region, also known as the Armenian Highlands, the western area features archeological sites, museums, and gardens, while the Eastern Anatolia region boasts of archeology that is of Armenian origin, as a remnant of what was once historical Armenian land pre-1915. JournAlong mates can explore the beautiful Güvenpark, an urban public park located in close proximity to Liberty Square. Dikmen Valley is also a popular park with a beautiful manmade lake, perfect for afternoon walks. Those interested in historical landmarks can visit the Temple of Augustus and Rome and the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, featuring Anatolian artifacts from different ages.

3. Connect with Locals on App to learn about local food & attractions of Ankara

For delicious dining options, head on to Toros Café Karaoke Bar for icebreakers and great food, as a fun way to get to know JournAlong companions. For Armenian traditional dishes, Donkisot Borek and Manti is the perfect place to chat and enjoy warm, delicious Manti soup, a Western Armenian traditional staple. For a local feel, Urfa Sofraci is famous for its homemade Lahmajun, known around the world as “Armenian Pizza,” with minced beef mixed with tomatoes and spices sitting on top of a golden crispy flatbread. Whether you’re craving local seafood, Mediterranean pastas, or traditional meals, going out with JournAlong mates will make the experience worthwhile and memorable.

4. Have family fun, connect with other families to travel to Ankara

Looking for local and traveling families to socialize with during your trip to Ankara? JournAlong provides a safe platform for families to connect, plan, and meet while in the region, be it for a tour, group excursion, or a relaxing day by the waters. Waterparks in Ankara, such as Club WatercityAquapark and The Waterpark Bağlıca Ankara features swimming pools, slides, and rides, for a day of family fun. GençlikParkı, also known as Youth Park, is a popular amusement park that also features an outdoor theater and an artificial lake with light shows in the evening. Whatever your plans, JournAlong’s goal is to bring kids and families together for a meaningful experience in Ankara.

5. Socialize & Enjoy Local Music in Ankara

With JournAlong, the dreaded prospect of being left without plans is solved. If you like to socialize over drinks and dinner in a cozy environment, then Crossroads Ankara is for you. Featuring cocktails, bar games, and live music (usually on Saturdays), it’s a nice spot to meet and have a good time with travel mates over the melody of Balkan gypsy music coming from the live band. Hayami, a wine bar, provides customers with a warm ambiance and the ideal setting for one-on-one meetups or dates. Other bars and pubs include James Cook Cafe, Pub & Restaurant, Blues Café & Bar, Baattin, and June Pub, all cozy environments and ideal settings for socializing with locals and visitors alike.

6. Watch Films with your JournAlong matches in Ankara

Love watching films and wish you had friends who enjoyed the same? Travel mates can enjoy watching movies in local movie theaters with travel companions found on JournAlong.Travelers can meet up with locals and watch a film at Metropol Cinema and Prestige Cinema in Ankara, among many others, as a way to socialize and spend quality time with a fellow film-enthusiast. The surrounding mall area is a great setting for hanging out and meeting with friends, and experiencing Ankara film life while in the city.

7. Photography & Outdoor Fun on Travel Match App Ankara

Photographers can meet on JournAlong to socialize and coordinate trips to various scenic and picturesque areas to shoot spectacular photos. Perfect for those who love to take pictures but are often left behind taking pictures while their group is moving on to new places, JournAlong photography sessions will allow new and experienced photographers to explore the photogenic views of Ankara with ease. It provides an excellent platform to connect with locals in the Anatolia/Western Armenian region, who can show you around the city and take you to non-touristic spots and ‘hidden gems.’ Beyond that, connecting with locals on JournAlong will help create a cross-cultural exchange and friendship, where you and your travel mates can feel welcome whenever you visit—an experience worth signing up for.

8. Find shopping deals by connecting with locals on JournAlong App in Ankara

Do you love shopping but are overwhelmed at the many options where various baazars seem foreign to you? Connect with Ankara locals on JournAlong to make the shopping process easier, while making a new friend. Locals know the markets better than anyone and can serve as your ‘guide’ while navigating the colorful streets lined with vendors selling fruits, vegetables, clothing, jewelry, handmade leather goods, shoes, and everything in between. By establishing a local connection, you will not only have an easier time communicating with vendors through your friend who may offer to translate, but you will create a friend whom you can trust in a large city. By spending time with locals, you and your travel mates will feel safe wherever you shop and will have the opportunity to enjoy the many bazaars and markets in Ankara, without the worry of getting ripped off.