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How awesome it is to find a like-minded travel partner and explore a new city? Washington, D.C., is a vibrant city strategically filled with wide-open avenues, front porches, old neighborhoods and of course the awesome river views. It is a city of great monuments, memorials, sightseeing, museums, zoos, nightlife, foods and everything between these.

Things to do in Washington for Travel Matches

Take to the water in Annapolis, live nature at Rock Creek Park,  Tregaron Conservancy, National Zoological Park. Chill out at Meridian Hill Park, get boating at Key Bridge Boathouse, enjoy the beauty of Kahlil Gibran Memorial Garden. More info follows!

Lincoln Memorial is one of the District’s many important and most visited monuments, other than the famous National World War II Memorial , U.S. Capitol and the Library of Congress. For art minded tourists, there is National Gallery of Art, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, National Archives, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The city offers something to everyone. Travelers like the local vibe, the sightseeing opportunities, and highlights of historical stature, and of course the lively nightlife. And did we mention what’s in stock for foodies? Foodie travelers can have so many awesome choices. There are so many eating joints serving awesome delicacies including  khachapuri, pizza, kitfo, sandwiches, kinchi ramen, super grilled cheesechivito, fried chicken, mussels,ceviche, oysters, mapo tofu, fied eggplant and sea foods, among others.

Find your Travel Buddies/Travel with Friends in Washington with Journ Along

Journ Along’s travel app is your best source to find a like-minded travel mate and plan a journey to Washington. Install the free app today and start exploring the many vibes of the wonderful city, together with someone who matches your travel dreams.